Spontaneous writing

Spontaneous writing

Spontaneous writing 1024 787 Suresh

Spontaneous writing

We can talk as much as we like but when it comes to writing, oh dear….

Do you sometimes feel the same way? Then Spontaneous Writing, which takes place once a month at the Neighbourhood Office, is the place for you.

Spontaneous Writing is a writing exercise to break down inhibitions about written language and free your mind from constraints and barriers.

The five topics to choose from at each meeting are only meant to kick-start the writing process and stimulate your thoughts.

If none of the given topics interest you, then write whatever comes to mind, but write away, without stopping, no matter what, without paying attention to writing style, punctuation, spelling, gendering or grammar, etc. The most important thing is to chat freely, ah, I mean to write and read it out if you want.

Minimum number of participants: 3

Contact: Subresh@gmail.com

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